Top 10 Best Vacation Spots

So many places, so little time! Are you struggling on where to go on your next vacation? Never fear. No matter what you desire in your ideal vacation spot: warm weather, incredible adventure, or calm vibes, you can find the perfect spot for you. Below are the top 10 best vacation spots around the world. Read below and get booking!

Best Warm & Sunny

1. Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona has a magical atmosphere and there’s so much to do! Hit the beach, grab a drink, or see the city from all of its scenic spots. It’s warm and sunny weather will keep you going all day (and night!) long. Be sure to check out Parc Güell, La Sagrada Familia, and Bunkers del Carmel in particular.

2. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: If you’re looking for somewhere sunny and laidback, Cabo is an awesome beach destination. There are beautiful sunsets, great water sports, and delicious food to keep you busy, full, and happy!

3. Havana, Cuba: This is rarely at the top of anyone’s bucket list, but Havana has become a more and more popular destination in the past 10 years. Head back to the 1950s and check out an incredibly historic, yet unique, vacation spot.

4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Ready to lay out on the most famous beach in the world, Copacabana? See the Christ the Redeemer statue? Check out Sugar Loaf Mountain? Rio is an awesome vacation spot with lots to do. Between December and March boasts the peak warm and sunny weather. Head there in February to experience Carnival!

Best Active & Adventure

5. Reykjavik, Iceland: The Ring Road in Iceland is a single road that wraps around the country. Fly into the capital of Reykjavik, rent a car, and hop on the road to get a vacation full of adventure. You can hike, camp, see the northern lights, and experience all that Iceland has to offer.

6. Interlaken, Switzerland: Nestled in the Swiss Alps, Interlaken claims some of the best views in the world. Skydiving, paragliding, rafting, canyoning, skiing, snowboarding, helicopter tours, and more are all available in this tiny town. If you’re looking for somewhere quaint, yet exciting, head to Interlaken!

7. Queenstown, New Zealand: Bungee jumping, zip lining, skydiving, off-road tours, boat cruises, and water adventures are all available in one of the most scenic countries in the world: New Zealand. Although it isn’t always on everyone’s radar, Queenstown is the best of the best if you’re looking for a location packed full of action and adventure.

Best Calm & Relaxing

8. Tinos, Greece: Although all Greek islands with airports are typically known for their party atmosphere, Tinos is just 40 minutes from Mykonos via ferry. It is quieter, just as beautiful, and far less expensive. If you’re looking for something fun, the other islands might suit your vibe, but for serenity, head to Tinos!

9. Maui, Hawaii, United States: Hawaii is known as a place for relaxation, but which island should you choose?! Maui has less of the hustle and bustle of some of the other islands. Rent a car to make it easy to get to and from the beach, do some whale watching, visit the Road to Hana, and head to Volcano Haleakala National Park.

10. Banff, Alberta, Canada: The tranquil atmosphere of Banff is a welcoming atmosphere for vacation. Banff National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with lots of activities. Head into town, ride the gondola, visit sites like Lake Minnewanka, the Columbia Icefield, the Glacier Skywalk, and go caribou spotting. While none of these activities are intense, there are sure to keep you busy on your visit.

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