Share A Sale Review

While the Internet is filled with hundreds of work from home jobs, the opportunity to make real income from most of these jobs is not what it is cracked up to be. However, the Share a Sale affiliate program offers anyone the chance to make a good passive income by promoting products and merchants they really like.

What is

Share a Sale is an affiliate marketing network that has been in existence for nearly 2 decades. It is a place where online merchants and affiliate markets can come together and benefit each other. Merchants can increase their customer base by using affiliates to promote their products and their company. It is a great way to accomplish brand marketing goals.

Affiliate marketers use their own websites and social media to promote products and merchants they really like

How it Works

The idea behind Share a Sale is pretty simple. Online merchants join the site for a fee and use affiliate advertising to increase their customer base and their overall sales. Merchants get to set the amount of commission they pay for any referrals that results in a sale. Each merchant pays a fee to join the site and also starts with a $100.00 in an account that is used to pay their affiliates. This account is added to as needed.

Should the account used to pay their affiliates drop to 0, the merchants account is put temporarily on hold and the affiliates links are then disabled so they won't be promoting products for which they won't get paid.

The affiliate program requires affiliates to sign up for free and when accepted they choose one or more products to promote for different merchants. Once accepted into the program the affiliate then receives HTML links to the merchants website as well as banners on their website. As an affiliate you then use your website and social media to promote the products and the merchants you have chosen. You do want to choose carefully though, because after a 60 day grace period, you are required to make at least $25.00 a month for each merchant whose products you promote. If you make less than this minimum amount you must pay the difference between what you actually earn and the $25.00 minimum. So you want to promote products that you are enthusiastic about and offer a healthy commission for your referral.

Affiliates get paid on the 20th of the month for the previous month. Therefore if you make $100.00 in commissions for January you will receive your payment in February either by check or through ACH deposit into you account.

Pros of ShareaSale

· Merchants may acquire 100s of affiliates promoting their products and they only have to pay the affiliate if a sale is made the affiliate's link. It's like having a huge sales staff working for you at an extremely low cost.

· Affiliates have the opportunity to not only make a nice paycheck, but to become an influencer for the products they promote.

· Payments for affiliates are automatically deducted from an account set up just for their purpose.

· It's a great way for affiliates to make passive income.

Cons of ShareaSale

· Affiliates build their income through their online reputation for promoting good products, if their links are disabled due to the merchant's affiliate account going to zero the affiliate's followers may become disenchanted and lose trust in the affiliate.

· Affiliates need to actively promote the products they choose to make at least the minimum amount each month or they face having to pay money rather make money.

Overall is a great affiliate marketing program for those of you are looking for a great work from home job and want to make a decent passive income.

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