Sally Beauty Review

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Sally Beauty Supply is a specialty retailer of professional beauty supplies with over 4000 stores across the country and in other countries as well. The company offers over 6000 different products for your hair, skin and nails from a variety of name brand companies such as L'Oreal and Paul Mitchell. They also have an online site where you can order various products and have them delivered right to your home.

Sally Beauty opened its first store in New Orleans in 1964 and has been supplying to beauty products to both small salons and the general public for over 50 years opening more and more stores over the last 5 decades. The popularity of these stores have not diminished over the years and it is still considered to be the go to place to go to get professional beauty products such as hair dyes, curling irons, hair extensions, professional nail polishes and more for great prices.

Beauty Club Membership

Sally Beauty has a beauty club membership which anyone can join for a small fee. Membership in the beauty club allows members to get special discounts on various products allowing them to save a good deal of money over time. However, you don't have to be a member of the beauty club in order to get some great products at great prices.

About Their Products

Sally Beauty is known for carrying a large range of beauty products many that are used in professional beauty shops and salons. Most people who shop at the store state that this company has the largest selection of hair dyes to be found anywhere. They also carry a large selection of shampoos, cream rinses and hair styling products including curling irons, hair straighteners and even hair extensions.

They also have a wide selection of various nail polishes in every color of sun as well as a nice range of skin care products.

Customer Service

Due to the sheer number of stores, Sally Beauty has someone iffy customer service. Customers in some locations state that Sally's customer service is great and that the staff is helpful and knowledgeable making their shopping experience a real joy. In other locations, customers find that the staff can be rude and is often unfriendly and lacking in any knowledge regarding the products they sell. Experience in customer services therefore tends to be all over the board depending where individuals shop.

Pros and Cons of Sally Beauty

Customers seem to have a wide range of experiences from excellent to poor when shopping at Sally Beauty, but here is a look at the overall pros and cons of shopping in this store.


  • Sheer Variety of Products- The sheer variety of products offered by Sally Beauty almost guarantees that you find the right product you need or want.

  • Great Prices- Most customers agree that this company offers some of the best prices for beauty products to be found anywhere.

  • Easy Access- With so many brick and mortar stores in so many different locations as well as their online store getting access to Sally Beauty products is incredibly easy.


  • Inconsistent Customer Service- The biggest complaint about Sally Beauty is that the customer service varies significantly from store to store with some customers having a great experience to others have a less than favorable impression of the store they visited.

Overall, if you are looking for a beauty supply store that has great products at a reasonable price Sally Beauty is worth a visit either in person or through their online store.

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