Nectar Vs. Layla Mattress Review

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

When purchasing a new mattress you want to find one that is comfortable enough to give you a good night's sleep night after night. Two high quality mattresses that have consistently won a place in “top mattress reviews for the last couple of years are Nectar and Layla mattresses. But what is the differences between these two brands of mattresses and and which brand is better? Here is a comparison review of the two mattresses brands.


While both brands of mattress have several different layers there is are differences in their construction. Here is a look at how each mattress is constructed.

Nectar Mattress- The Nectar mattress has a cover made from tencel and cotton with quilted memory gel foam. The first layer of the mattress has 1 inch gel memory foam followed by an additional 3 inches of memory foam (not gel). Then there is a high density poly foam support layer.

Layla Mattress- The Layla mattress has a top and bottom layer of copper infused memory foam. Copper infused memory foam tends to cooler than gel foam and also the copper is believed to help relieve join pain and increase circulation. The next layer is an egg-crate layer of poly foam, which allows for good air flow through the mattress. There is also a high density support layer in this mattress as well.


When it comes to mattress firmness the Nectar mattress has only one firmness, which has been called medium firm while the Layla mattress offers two choices of firmness with one side of the mattress being soft and the other side being firm. So which mattress you buy will depend a great deal on how firm or soft you like your mattress.


Nectar is a slightly thicker mattress than is Layla and the comfort layer is somewhat thicker as well.

Trial Periods and Return Policies

Both companies offer a pretty long trial period and a good return policy. Layla offers 120 day trial period while Nectar offers a trial period of 365 days. Layla has a lifetime guarantee and Nectar's guarantee is forever.


Nectar mattresses cost a bit less depending on the size of mattress you are looking for often running anywhere from $50.00 to $150.00 less than the Layla mattresses.

Speed of Shipment

People who order the Layla mattress often get their mattress much quicker than those who order the Nectar mattress. Nectar seems to have a delay in shipping.

Country the Mattress is Manufactured In

The Nectar mattress is manufactured in China and Layla is manufactured in the USA.

Which Mattress is Best?

Both mattresses are high quality mattresses and people who have purchased either brand of these mattresses have been pleased with their choice. For those people who like either a firm or soft mattress and suffer from joint pain then the Layla mattress may be the best choice.

For those who are more comfortable with a mattress that is medium firm and are looking to save a bit of money then the Nectar mattress may be the best choice for them.

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