iOS Devices Get Instagram Option for Verification Badge

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

NEWSFLASH! In case you missed it: Instagram is now allowing people to apply for a blue verification badge (actually called a tick mark) using their iOS device’s app! The same blue verified badge you see on celebrity and big name brand accounts could now be yours, if by some miracle the Instagram Gods approve your request that is….

If you’re wondering what this blue verification badge is, the “tick mark” allows other users to know that they are interacting with a notable public figure or verified account, not a fake account. Before now, there was no transparent way to apply for one as a normal user, aside from shady websites offering to get you verified for a couple thousand dollars without many success stories from that method...

ANYONE can apply for an Instagram Verification Badge (BUT there is a catch)

You read that right: ANYONE with an Instagram account can apply to potentially be verified by Instagram with a verified blue tick mark, on their iOS device app. While anyone can apply for an Instagram verification badge, doing so may be a waste of time for most people. Just because anyone can apply does not mean anyone can get approved, there are still requirements, but they are not as difficult as you may think.

The only blue verification badges being given out on a regular basis are celebrities or companies with a global brand that have large followings. In addition, you must comply with Instagram's community guidelines and your account can't include “add me” links to any other Social Media services. While this is not a difficult list, it’s uncommon that most people fall into this category easily, as most of you reading are possibly not authors, celebrities, news anchors, Nobel Peace Prize holders, etc.

How to Apply for A Verification Badge Using Your iOS Device

Applying for you verification badge using your iOS only takes a few simple steps. The steps are:

·- Go to your profile on the iOS Instagram app and then select settings.

·- Choose the “request verification” button, right below the language settings button. You will need to use:

Your full name (and identification with a picture such as your driver's license) or Copy of your legal business verification.

Then you simply wait until Instagram decides either to approve or deny your request. Instagram did make the verification application process simple for those seeking to apply for the badge, but it is still quite difficult for most people to get that verification tick mark.

Your account on Instagram must be public with a profile picture and bio and have at least 1 post.

Is Having an Instagram Verification Badge Important?

The verification badge for instagram has the potential to serve a very important service, which is allow others to know you are who you say you are, which is important with so many people these days making fake profiles using other people's picture and even information. This means people who want to follow and interact with public figures can rest assured that the people they are following are who they say they are. Additionally, it offers some protection for the public figure or company whose reputation may be harmed at least short term by someone on the Internet pretending to be them.

However, for the majority of Instagram users who are not considered to be “public figures” with a blue tick mark still cannot verify who they really are, so they are left open to someone fraudulently pretending to be them.Perhaps in the future Instagram will open it's verification badges to everyone who meets basic criteria, but until then the badge will be limited to only the select few people and businesses that Instagram feels are qualified to be blessed with it.

While the verification badges may be great for those people who want to make sure that are following “the real” politician, actor, singer, or company for most people they aren't going to be helpful to allow you to know if you are interacting with a regular person and ensure they are who they say they are. Of course, it would be nice to have, right?! Did you apply for a blue tick mark yet?

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