Here’s why you need to get back on Hulu TODAY!

Oh, Hulu... I almost forgot about it. Til this Black Friday deal knocked my socks off!

Remember when Hulu was free with minimal commercials and it was the coolest thing since Netflix? Me too. Haven’t really used it much since then… until I saw this crazy deal today-$0.99 per month for 12 months! This is better than when Netflix was 7.99… am I dating myself here?

Anyways, between being busy with life and using Amazon Prime Video and Youtube there was no need for other streaming services. Just popcorn and a blankie.

I’ve only been browsing thru Hulu here and there since signing up a couple hours ago and I can tell already this $12 I am about to spend over the course of the next year might very well be the most value I am getting for my money.

If you are reading this and the offer has expired, you can still get a free trial on us, just use this link and sign up with a new email address!

It’s basically the same as when Hulu was free, except better, since there are SO many more shows on there now! Getting access to all of the shows on Hulu with limited commercials for only $0.99/month for the next 12 months, I feel like I won Black Friday by getting this deal even if it is the ONLY thing I buy. Now go binge watch something awesome with someone special :)

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